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  1. The whole report should be two (2) A4 pages long.

  2. Page one of the report should be a cover page with the Pastor’s name, cell number and email address, the Name of the Region & Assembly, and the Regional PCD coordinator's name, cell number and email address.  It should also include the date of the report; the name of the book; the year of publication, as well as the name of the Author. 

  3. You should not summarize the book.

  4. On page two, discuss the following:

    1. The book's impact on your life and ministry.

    2. Your critical reflection on the book.

    3. What challenged you personally and 

    4. What do you plan to do with that?  

  5.  Please use the Book Review Template that is available on the Website.

  6. The report should preferably be uploaded to the PCD website at  or e-mailed to  


NB: Please submit your book reports to the PCD website or the National PCD office directly as soon as they are done, do not wait until the end of the year.

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