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Welcome to the AFM of SA's Pastor's Continuous Development program.

We help you grow.

Our Collective Responsibility

PCD enables learning to become conscious and proactive rather than passive and reactive. PCD is pastors' holistic commitment towards enhancing personal skills and proficiency throughout their ministry.


Do your best and God will do the rest

Personal development is all about self-improvement. When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of what happens due to your choices and actions. You don't blame others or make excuses, and you do what you can to make amends when things go wrong. With this PCD platform, the AFM of SA takes the lead to motivate pastors to be well educated and responsible spiritual leaders to increase our effectiveness in a fast-changing world.

Start your journey today

Ensure you understand the credit framework, competency areas and how a book report should look. Information about the credit framework can be found here. 

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